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adalah perusahaan swasta nasional yang bergerak di bidang Hygiene Industri dan Kesehatan Lingkungan. Bertujuan untuk menjembatani dan memenuhi kebutuhan dunia industri khususnya dan masyarakat pada umumnya. perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang perdagangan barang dan jasa dengan meng-khususkan lingkup usaha perusahaan dalam bidang pengadaan peralatan hygiene industri dan kesehatan lingkungan, Peralatan Laboratorium, alat-alat kesehatan, serta penyediaan jasa pemantauan, pengukuran lingkungan dan perbaikan peralatan.

Produk yang diperdagangkan perusahan utamanya adalah produk produk yang berkaitan dengan hygiene industri, kesehatan lingkungan, kesehatan & keselamatan kerja dan Peralatan laboratorium dan alat  alat kesehatan . Produk produk tersebut antara lain :

A. Peralatan Pemantau Hygiene Industri dan Keselamatan Kerja Peralatan pemantau higiene industri dan keselamatan kerja meliputi :

  • Alat ukur suara ( Sound Level Meter & Noise Dosimeter) 

  • Alat ukur getaran ( Vibration Monitoring) 

  • Alat detector gas berbahaya & mudah terbakar ( Gas Detektor & Flamable Gas Detector)

  • Alat untuk pengambilan sampel gas, debu, mist, fume & aerosol ( gas, fume, aerosol sample pump & monitoring) 

B. Peralatan Pemantau Lingkungan Jenis peralatan tersebut antara lain :

  • Peralatan sampling dan analisa udara maupun peralatan untuk sampling kualitas udara pada cerobong secara isokinetik otomatis 

  • Alat pantau cuaca stasioner yang dilengkapi dengan penyimpanan data ( data logging) sesuai parameter yang diukur. 

  • Peralatan pemantau kwalitas Air Bersih dan Air Minum ( Microbiologi, PH, Conductivity, ORP, Salinity, Dissolved, Turbiditi, TDS, Resisvity, Ion Meter dll..) 

  • Perlatan pemantau kadar kimia dalam makanan 

C. Scientific Instrument, untuk :

  • Laboratorium Kimia Dasar & Kimia Klinik : Laboratorium Bio Kimia, Kimia Klinik , Kimia Analitik, Mikrobiologi, Hematologi, Parasitologi, Kimia Farmasi & Toksikologi, Serologi, Virologi & Immunologi, Kimia Air, Kimia Makanan & Minuman, dll 

  • Laboratorium Fisika & Biologi : Laboratorium Instrumentasi, Fisika dasar, Elektronika Medik, Radiology, alat elektronik, Elektronika Medik, Anatomi & Fisiology, Farmakologi dll. 

D. Media dan Reagensia, Untuk:

  • Menunjang kebutuhan reagent pada Rumah Sakit, Puskesmas, Klinik, dan Laboratorium. 

E. Survey Meter

F. Farmasi


The Delta DF130 Mobile Foam Unit is one of the flagship products within the portable foam equipment range. The DF130 is ideal for protecting oil storage areas, fuel loading terminals, paints/solvent stores, boiler/engine rooms and other high risk areas. Foam Equipment - DF130 Mobile Foam Station The DF130 Mobile Foam Station is ergonomically designed for rapid one-man deployment and boasts a 130 litre GRP foam tank suitable for all foam concentrates and is chemically resistant. The tank is finished in International Orange for ease of visual identification. The unit only requires connection to a suitable pressurised water supply and when filled with 3% foam concentrate the DF130 will give an impressive run time in excess of twenty minutes with a total foam output of over 34,000 litres of finished, low expansion foam. The chassis is made from a corrosion resistant plastic coated steel frame fitted with solid 400mm rubber tyres (puncture proof). Delta Fire cater for all specification requirements within their range of foam equipment and the Df130 is available in either light alloy or gunmetal to suit the requirements of Delta’s customers from around the world and can be supplied in either a DF130-225, DF130-450 or DF130-900 depending on the flow rate required. The standard unit is supplied with a Delta HV225 Low Expansion Foam Branchpipe, a Delta Z225 Variable In-Line Foam Inductor (with on/off ball valve), 2 x 15 metre lengths of 45mm Delta Nova Type 3 Fire Hose (to BS6391) and 2½” light alloy Instantaneous fittings (to BS336). Common to Delta’s foam equipment range, any International adaptor can be fitted to the DF130 for compatibility to all applications. Any of the range of Delta Foam Branchpipes with matching Inductors can be specified when ordering the DF130 including all Delta Low and Medium Expansion Branchpipes. ISO 9001 Quality Standard The Delta Fire DF130 Mobile Foam Station is manufactured in the UK under an ISO9001 Quality System, is Lloyds registered and M.E.D. (Ship’s Wheel) approved for marine use.
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